Rant Sunday: Tangled

28 Nov

…. What?

Yeah, sorry about all the delays but I’m delaying even farther. I watched Tangled yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!~ But I’m also going to see it again for my dad’s work Christmas party thing… I think. So I figure since I’m high on animation induced pleasure right now I would rant rather than review for now and then review objectively when I watch it a second time. Here we go~

Sooooooo goood~ First off, Rapunzel has always been one of my favorite fairy tales. When I was little… er? I tried to write my own version of the story in the style of several different writers who I really liked at the time. It failed miserably. I like their try a lot better. Rapunzel was stolen, not sold, from her parents who are the king and queen. Her parents had a good reason for “stealing” from the witch, to save the queen’s life and the life of the unborn Rapunzel. The witch steals her to use her magic hair to stay forever youthful… yeah, magic hair. It all starts with a drop of sunshine that grew into a flower with magic healing abilities which the witch horded for herself until it was stolen and brought to save the queen who drank it therefore becoming part of the baby she was carrying and giving Rapunzel magic healing hair that can never be cut or else it loses its power. And that’s how it goes.

I love the characters in this, all of them. I love how perfectly childlike Rapunzel is while still trying to act her age. I love how cocky and suave Flynn comes off as and how smug Pascal seems through the whole movie. Flynn is adorable in all ways, trying his best to be just get away clean and move on. He’s not your average Disney hero. He’s greedy, he dreams of nothing more than living by himself on an island surrounded by gold and he’s slippery enough to cause a lot of trouble. In short, he’s a thief and he’s more than okay with that. Rapunzel doesn’t somehow inspire him to turn good, or change his ways. He changes because doesn’t need to steal anymore. He doesn’t need to be a thief to gain gold and riches. Instead he finds that being with her is better than any treasure. He the same person he was at the beginning of the movie, just with a new dream.

Rapunzel, like I said, is incredibly naive, as she should be. She’s never stepped outside the tower in her life. She’s makes herself believe that she’s okay with staying in the tower because that’s what her mother wants from her. However, she can see when she’s lost the argument about going to see the ‘flying lights’ and when it’s time to take matters into her own hands. She’s not really your classic, good natured, moral heroine either. She’s good, but more because she’s been locked away from any evil influence than anything else. She’s got her eyes on those lights and she is willing to give anything and everything to see them. Yeah, on the way she falls in love but love is far from her drive. She just wants that little taste of freedom and the chance to see something beautiful.

As always, Disney provides us with some really fantastic animal sidekicks. First up is Pascal who is Rapunzel’s chameleon guardian. He’s suspicious, opinionated, curious and smug all without saying a word. He’s there to watch Rapunzel’s back, even if that’s all he can do. The other is Maximus. We didn’t see him as much as I’d have liked. He basically just chases Flynn around because he stole the crown. He’s a castle horse belonging to the captain of the guard I believe. He’s really super determined to get that crown back but he does have a soft spot for Rapunzel and agrees to let Flynn go so she can see the lanterns on her birthday.

As in most Disney princess movies, there are plenty of songs, but I’ll get into those in my actual review. There were one or two points that bothered, me particularly concerning the king and queen but I again, I’ll go into that later. For now, Tangled is an amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it yet, GO WATCH IT~

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