Review Friday: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

12 Nov

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog is a very short musical staring Neil Patrick Harris. It’s about a super villain named Dr. Horrible who has a Ph. D. in Horribleness. He’s been trying to get into the Evil League of Evil for some time and finally gets his chance! All he has to do is prove he’s evil enough my pulling off some evil deed. At the same time he’s been trying to get up the courage to talk to a girl at the Laundromat named Penny. Penny works with homeless people and sees the good in everyone. While stealing the last part for his freeze-ray, Dr. Horrible’s arch nemesis Captain Hammer steps in and nearly foils his plan by sending a delivery van under Dr. Horrible’s control out of control and nearly running over Penny. Dr. Horrible manages to stop it, though because it looks like Captain Hammer stopped it, Penny naturally falls in love with him, leaving Dr. Horrible to pout. Fortunately for Dr. Horrible, he did get to talk to her as his alter ego, Billy and can now converse with her freely. From here we watch Billy stalk Penny a little bit on her dates with Captain Hammer and prepare for his big evil deed, which is foiled by Captain Hammer. Now the only way for Dr. Horrible to enter the Evil League of Evil is to commit a murder. He’s a little reluctant to do it at first, since murder isn’t stylish or unique, but soon forgets that for the idea of getting rid of Captain Hammer once and for all. I don’t think I’ll give away the ending for this one. Go watch it, it’s good stuff.

There are some really great songs in this musical, particularly “My Eyes” which is a duet between Dr. Horrible and Penny. The blending of lyrics is really beautiful and they’re voices go together really well. I’ve actually had this song stuck in my head all week and it’s kind of been driving me crazy. All of the songs are really well written as well as composed and each has a catchy tune and unique flair. The best part is, half of them could be used as dialogue even without the music. Some songs like “Everyone’s a Hero” happen when you wouldn’t normally expect a song. But since it’s a musical no one seems to care and just goes along with it.

The characters are great too. You have Dr. Horrible, the lovable evil villain who just wants to get into the Evil League of Evil and go on a date with Penny. He wants it so badly and he’s so awkwardly hopeful that we can’t help but want him to succeed. Captain Hammer on the other hand is a complete douche bag who we really want to die. Seriously, for a super hero he’s kind of an ass. He looks down on everyone, he’s a complete narcissist, his ego is bigger than his brain and he’s only interested in Penny because Billy’s in love with her. Penny is such a cute character, and soo naive. She seems a little bit flighty as well, but most damsels are.

As far as story goes, this one is pretty good. It’s short, sweet and simple. I’m actually really fond of the way they portray the traditional good guy and bad guy. It does a pretty good job of flipping the hero villain roll without turning the villain into a “good guy.” He’s still evil he’s just more sympathetic and rather fluffy. >.> At any rate, it’s a good movie and I suggest you go out and watch it.

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