My Hat is Bigger Than Your Hat

11 Nov

I love hats. Big hats, small hats, hats with funny shapes~. They’re one of my favorite accessories, up there with scarves and bowties. Who ever invented hats was a very smart person. They’re practical and fancy and just a lot of fun!

Maybe I love hats so much because I’ve often been told I look good in hats. Apparently my head is perfectly shaped to be hidden. Not sure how complimentary that is, actually… Anyway, they also have something of a sentimental value for me, at least in the case of one little pink hat that I’ve had forever. When I was very small my dad made an orange hunting hat for my brother. Naturally, since I a) was small and b) wanted to be just like Brother, wanted a hat too. So my dad made me this cute little pink hat with a deer on it. The fantastic thing about crochet is that the stitches stretch. So that hat made for a little girl of two or so, still fits my nineteen-year-old, ego swollen head.

That’s where it started, I think. Somehow I connected that hat to my dad’s awkward show of affection and generalized it. Like a lot of things, I go through cycles. When I was in sixth grade I rediscovered said hat and started wearing it every day, even though I had next to no pink in my wardrobe, (and still don’t). It didn’t match anything and it lasted only part of the summer, but I didn’t it anyway. At some point I decided to collect some hats. I acquired a camo-military hat and a green hat, both of which are probably hiding somewhere with my closet monster. These things I wore nearly every day as well for a while before moving on. The fedora was much the same, though somehow it got lost in the basement and grew mold, I think. I’ve actually been looking for that hat for something like two years now and I just recently discovered it hiding in plain sight on a shelf. Kinda sucks, really.

My real hat obsession didn’t begin until I found the beret. As you may have noticed, in my picture I am wearing a beret. It is purple. And I love it. Around Christmas last year I was on a really super Mythbusters kick. My absolute favorite mythbuster is, of course, Jamie Hyneman and as everyone knows, aside from his mustache, his most prominent feature is his beret. So naturally when I found a purple beret at Wal-mart it had to be mine. I loved this hat so much that I wore it nearly every day for the rest of the school year.

It’s gotten to the point where I actually feel strange not wearing a hat. My head feels bare or something. I do have a rather fantastic fuzzy winter hat that matches my scarf that likes to leave fuzz balls all over my coat, but it’s harder to wear that one because I feel silly wearing it indoors. For a while I would bring both hats and switch between the two, but that got silly after a while as well. My mom got me a new hat while we were at the Irish festival. Now it’s my favorite hat and I do wear it every day. I’m not sure it’s an entirely good thing to be wearing a hat every day, but what harm could it really do?

Maybe this is the real reason behind my love of the mad hatter. Top hats are wonderful things in and of themselves, you know. I don’t own a top hat, but I fervently wish that I did. Maybe someday I’ll find a top hat. It would go so well with my Harold Lloyd glasses and Mr. Leroy bowtie.

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