Cry for Help~

07 Nov

Okay, I know you all are probably angry with me for my horrible slacking and procrastinating and all that jazz, and to be honest, I am too. Buuut I have made great progress on my research paper and it’s pretty much complete except for some mild adjustments and a closing paragraph. I also just had a test in both history and psychology so I won’t have the study bug for a while. HOPEFULLY this means that my slacking is over for a while and I can get back on schedule, which has already been disturbed enough. I again apologize for this, but it must be done.

This month is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Basically waht’s happening is a bunch of masochistic writers with probably more time on their hands than me are all trying to write a novel in a month. I attempted it my junior year and got up to ten thousand words. I would really like to do it again this year but here’s the thing; I already have a novel in progress. I’m soooo close to finishing it too and it’s killing me, really. So! I’ve promised myself that I will finish it by the end of the month, no matter what! I know I’ve said that before. I said that about the summer, and September… and October…. >.> But this ends now! I will succeed and I will have this novel finished and it will be GLORIOUS~.  I hope. <.< SO! I need your help!  I want you to pester me without fail to finish my novel! I’m going to put up an update of words in every entry this month so you can see how much I’ve got done. I’m hoping for 25,000 words by the end, but my main goal is just to have it done, regardless of how many words. It’s already reached novella length so I’m happy. As of now it is 19,188 words. DON’T LET ME FAIL!~

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