What’s So Lucky About a Three-legged Rabbit?

04 Nov

People believe in a lot of stupid stuff. Lucky charms are some of them. I’m not talking about the cereal, of course, that would be just silly. I’m talking about random items that are supposed to give you good luck. Where did they come from? Why are they lucky? And who is dumb enough to believe in them?

Some lucky charms have some symbolism to them or some strange logic behind them. A horseshoe hung with the curve facing down is supposed to catch luck. Wearing three keys together is supposed to unlock health, wealth and love. Some items, however, seem silly…er. Like getting pooped on by a dove. It’s supposed to bring good luck. WHY? Why does getting hit by bird poop bring good luck?

What I really don’t get, is rabbit’s feet. Why are they considered good luck? Doves have some other symbolic meanings so I can see them, if no their poop, being lucky. But what significance do rabbits have other than being extremely fertile? After some really quick research I discovered the belief is all over the place from South America to China. And it can’t be just any old rabbit’s foot either, despite what the manufacturers want you to think. It has to be the left hind foot of a rabbit that was shot in a cemetery during the proper phase of the moon. How many lucky rabbits’ feet do you think are out there that actually fit that description? And why are they funny colors nowadays? What’s the point in having a green rabbit’s foot? Does that make it luckier? Does that somehow make up for the fact that it wasn’t shot in a cemetery under a full moon?

There are, of course, some things that I can’t pick at so much. Nearly everyone has some form of a good luck charm. Some people have a more traditional item, a symbol on a necklace or an item to carry around. Some people have something a little more meaningful, something that has personal meaning to them. I still don’t believe they hold any real power, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend. I have to admit, I have my own good luck charm. It’s much more powerful than any silly rabbit’s food or four leaf clover. And it’s far more stylish to boot. My good luck charm is a very special bowtie given to me by the greatest man who ever lived. I’ve told you the story of how I won said bowtie and ever since I’ve worn it on all my most special occasions. I feel it’s the reason I passed my driver’s test.

Good luck charms work only in the mind. This I am convinced. They don’t actually hold any super special magical powers; it’s all in your head. Still the mind is a powerful thing and the mere idea of an object grating good luck may be enough to make it so. I still think it’s dumb, but hey, what do I know?

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