Distracting Things are Distracting

03 Nov

I’ve been dealing with a lot of distractions lately. I know I should be getting work done. Lord knows I’ve got plenty of work to do, but somehow I can always find something else more entertaining to do. I can’t escape it either. There are books I would rather read, games I would rather play and stories I would much rather write than sit and do my school work. College kind of sucks that way.

The man distraction I have right now I can thank my adoptive cousin Shawn for. He just had to go and lend me Dragon Age for the 360 and now I’m utterly addicted. It’s really not good for me. I’m completely in love with the characters, mostly Alistair, and the interaction and everything. It can get a bit tedious at times, but not enough to get me away. It’s one of those games that you think about even when you’re not playing it. I sometimes find myself fantasizing about Alistair while in my IT class or plotting out my next game. Yeah, one game isn’t enough. I have to go and second game, pretty much for the single reason that my brother made me kill a fabulous character who I need to woo. It must happen! That and I’m curious to see how the other PC options start off. There are sooo many choices! It’s not even just Elf, Dwarf of Human. There are ranks and sects to each group you can choose from. I but I digress. You’ll hear all about it in my review once I’ve finished… or given up and started over. That sometimes happens too.

On top of that one of my favorite flash games is finally up and running again after being down for FOREVER! Or so it seemed. The game is called Flash Flash Revolution and it’s wonderful~. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. Basically it’s DDR for your fingers. I know it sounds lame and all you hardcore DDRers are probably pshawing at me right now but I don’t care. I loves it and on top of that, I don’t suck at it. Of course I’m not nearly as good as my Dezzy is and I probably never will be, but I enjoy it just the same. You should give it a try~

Then of course there are those silly friend things that I have. You know those people that you enjoy being around more than studying for history tests? Yeah, those ones. Given the choice between spending a weekend being a dork with my Kylie or getting raped by Brelyn and Courtney and doing school work I’ve gotta pick… wait.

Have I mentioned the books yet? There are many of them. I still need to finish Dragons of the Valley. Once I’m done with that one I get to start on The Black Prism which is HUGE! After that I have Magyk to read and the constant offer of sever other books for loan hanging over my head. *sigh* It’s all too much. I want to read more and faster but I also have four books on Irish history that I need to read for my damn research paper that I don’t want to read because I want to read my books. Add to that the reading assignments my English professor likes to hand out and I’m up to my nose in paper. Not that I mind of course, but still, it’s getting a bit ridiculous and it’s mostly my own fault.

There are a few other little things distracting from my work, Facebook, forums, lolcats and the like, but mostly it’s just those things that I have to peel myself away from to get a little bit of work done. And here we are again at the end of another day and I somehow managed to distract myself enough to get as little done as possible. I’m sorry, for about the fiftieth time, if some stuff shows up on here late. It’s going to happen until I somehow magically manage to get myself on track.

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