Halloween With My Kylie

01 Nov

Greetings dear readers. You’re probably sick of hearing me apologize by now but I’m going to say it one last time. I’m sorry for last week’s laziness. I’m going to try my best to do better this week. As you all know, last week was Halloween. It wasn’t as depressing as I had first thought it would be. Unfortunately I still didn’t get to go Trick-or-Treating. Still, I got something better; time with my soul mate. Have I told you yet about my various affairs? I have a husband, a mistress, a baby daddy and a soul mate. My soul mate recently acquired a boyfriend. So naturally it was my duty as soul mate to make sure this man is worthy of my Kylie. I’m happy to report that he is.

Most of my week has been spent getting ready for the medieval fair for my history class. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as I’d thought it would be, but it was still fairly amusing. I watched boys beat up on each other with foam swords for the most part. I talked with the kid who sits behind me in history about martial arts tournaments and the like and followed the raiding parties. Towards the end, though, the ladies got sick of all the testosterone and decided to stage a coup d’état. We stole some weapons, fought the Vikings and stole the king’s crown… or rather he handed it to the queen and continued texting. I died four times and killed a man twice. It was rather amusing. My brother and I even got to go at it for a little while.

After the medieval fair I went to hang out with my soul mate since I never get to see her and Brother had to work. After approving her boy and discussing the possibility of going Trick-or-Treating we hung out at a café and decided that I should spend the weekend with them. So that’s what we did. Her and her man picked me up and we watched movies in her room for the rest of Friday night. Saturday Kylie and went on an adventure to the Goodwill. Well, it was an adventure for me, since I’ve never been there. It pleased me greatly, though, because I found three books for 99cents each that I’m pretty much in love with. Well, two I’m in love with and one I’ve been meaning to read. Same thing, really. After we parted ourselves from the books we went bowling in a pretty much deserted bowling alley. I’m not sure if it was because it was two in the afternoon or because the place looks kind of shady from the outside, but there was no one there but us. We played two games and I found a fabulous purple ball that seemed to like me. After that we went back to her house to bake some cookies before her man friend came back from his DnD session. We watched the most ridiculous zombie movie ever. It was titled Tokyo Zombies and it was something like a spoof I guess. It was the dumbest movie I’ve ever seen… ever. The Japanese are weird.

We didn’t do much on Sunday. Kylie and I hung out until her man came over then went out to eat. Since Brother was working I hung out with Kylie until he was done and went home with him then played Dragon Age for the rest of the evening… yeah, I’m a horrible person. I know I should be working but Dragon Age is soooo goooooood. >.> I’ll probably be ranting about it sometimes soon… maybe when I finish it… if I finish it. I’m not very good at finishing games but I’m determined to finish this one… and then play it again so I can not kill the Elvin assassin and then proceed to woo him. Right now though I’m busy wooing Alistair. It’s most amusing.

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