Whispers of Rain

14 Oct

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the rain. I think most people do. Rain can be cold and unpleasant and loud, or soft and warm and gentle. Rain can come with darkness, thunder and lighting, or it can mix with sunshine and rainbows. It’s a frightening and friendly element of nature.

When I was in fourth grade we learned about the water cycle. You know, how water goes from the oceans and rivers and lakes to vapors in the sky through evaporation then condenses into clouds then precipitates and goes back to the oceans and rivers and lakes. We even learned a little dance to go with it. The story really doesn’t have anything to do with anything; I just thought I’d share a piece of my childhood with you. But really, it’s one of the simplest elements of nature. Why does it rain? Because water in the atmosphere condenses and then falls to the ground as precipitation. It’s as simple as that.

Do you remember when you were little and it would be rainy outside? Do you remember watching for lightning and if there wasn’t any, running to get your bathing suit on and splash around in the puddles? Yeah, that was me and my siblings. There was a big patch of clay in our yard, under the grass of course but it caused a huge puddle when it rained. We would jump and splash and roll in it as the rain fell down on us, soaking our hair. I used to love it when it would rain so hard you’d be soaked in minutes.

I always found the rain to be romantic. Something about standing in the rain, by yourself, with a friend, any activity in the rain can be dramatic or whimsical, depending on the rain. If it’s a heavy rain, it sets the perfect mood for brooding and dramatic thought. If it’s a lighter rain it sets a stage of enlightenment, a freeing feeling, letting the rain wash everything away. If you’re running in the rain, again it could make a desperate scene seem direr or a childish frolic more whimsical. Rain is a wonderful mood setter. Just think about all the rain scenes you’ve seen and try to imagine them without the rain. Not the same is it?

The dark side of rain though is a frightening thing. I don’t like the sound of thunder. It comes from many bad experiences, I guess, but I really don’t like it. I can’t even cover it up with music or loud volume. Somehow it makes it worse, trying to drown it out. I can never drown it out completely and the vague sounds of thunder are just enough to put me on edge. Did I really hear thunder? Or was it just my imagination? How close it is? Is it soft because it’s far away, or because the music is louder? I’m sure I’m quite mad, but we’ve been over that already. Paranoia is only to be expected. At any rate, it was the same when I was younger. I never really liked the sound. One night when I was homeschooled there was this awful storm right over our house. There was lightning almost every five seconds and nearly constant thunder. My brother, sister and I were all huddled in our living room with my mom. The power was out and we were all too scared to sleep upstairs. When we were little, we would pretend that the thunder was really the sound of angels bowling. It only worked with little storms though. The big ones still had me shaking in my fuzzy slippers.

One of my favorite topics to write about is the rain. You’ve already seen one of my poems about rain. I’ve always thought that the rain sounds like it’s whispering as it falls. In my second and third years of high school I developed this notion that since rain is just water evaporated from all over the world and has been moving and falling and evaporating and moving and falling again that it must have a lot of stories to tell. And thus came poetry, always for a workshop, of course. This is one I did my junior year, I believe for the soul purpose of using typography… which you can’t see here anyway. It looks cool in the original though. Rain seems to find it’s way into my poetry a lot, actually. Funny thing that.






has a story to tell

If you are

quiet and Listen

you can hear them


as they





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